The CENTER for Cognitive Bias, Heuristics, and Human Behavior in Decision Making-CBHDM©

The Center is…

  • The foremost provider of comprehensive cognitive bias, heuristics, and human behavior in decision making curricula in the world.
  • Dedicated to bringing timely, innovative, and preeminent science based education to individuals seeking to gain knowledge and master skills in identifying, understanding, evaluating, and applying constructive solutions to cognitive bias and heuristic behaviors that influence decision-making and decision making-strategies.

The Center provides

  • Competitive advantages with respected and valued certifications at three levels of expertise in managing decision making.
  • Optimization to implement and utilize data effectively.
  • Elimination of destructive biases that cause loses in achieving strategic goals.
  • Maximization of revenue, time, outcomes, customer satisfaction, inclusivity, diversity, and loyalty retention.

The Center offers…

  • Course offerings in six week terms of study.  
  • Uniquely developed and delivered with unsurpassed curricula rigor through the gifts of exceptionally qualified professors, and geared toward career associated real world challenges and real world needs.
  • Collaboration with The University of the Incarnate Word’s School of Professional Studies providing continuing education online portal for student registration and enrollment. 
  • Students opportunity to receive industry valued achievement certifications, as well as the career advancing prospect of earning greater executive leadership competency at fellow, senior fellow, and master levels.