The Credentialing Competency Examination Overview

The examination is appropriately a one-hour, multiple choice exam that contains 100 questions, that contains a mix of traditional and innovative item types. 

Types of questions include, multiple choice, true/false, select all that apply, fill in blanks, matching, and sequencing.

Following your Exam

Candidates will receive an immediate result upon completion of examination. The results will provide a total score, which will indicate a pass/fail status. Total scores are reported on a scale that ranges from 0 to 100. A total scaled score of 83 is required to pass an exam. Panels of experts from each specialty periodically review the passing score to assure its validity. Successful candidates will receive an Competency Certification letter, Certificate, and their Digital Badge following official review and verification acknowledgement from ICBHDM. In the event of an unsuccessful exam score, the candidate will be officially notified through their provided email with available retesting opportunities.