Senior Fellow Credentialing Track

To earn the eligibility status of “Senior Fellow” badge credentialing, a student must satisfactorily complete any (4) four six week courses one of which must be CBDMELD: Executive Leadership: Core Cognitive Bias, Heuristics, & Ethics in Decision Making Leadership Skills. The student can take any two of the remaining 11 courses. There are no pre-course curricula core requirements necessary to registrar and enroll. Requirements for earning a certificate of satisfactory completion for each six week course taken the student must meet course assignment obligations, earn a final passing grade of 83 in the course taken, and a grade of 83 or above on the final exam. Once the student has earned (4) certificates of completion, they will be eligible to receive a letter from the UIW SPS Dean to sit for a competency exam given by XenAneX™ Institute of Cognitive Bias, Heuristics, Human Behavior, & Decision Making (ICBDM).

An exam grade of 83 or above qualifies the student for being awarded Senior Fellow status for a term of two years. XenAneX™ will facilitate through Credly™, SPS PaCE, and DOCXMD, LLC the awarding of an earned badge to a student with the appropriate embedded metadata designating skillsets earned from their course work. Awarded badges will be co-sponsored by XenAneX™ and UIW SPS. If a student wishes to renew the badge after two years and maintain their badge credentials, they will submit their request to XenAneX™ and take a continuing education online module(s) in their area of CBDM expertise. Successful completion of the module(s) will renew the earned badge for an additional two years.