• Gain competitive advantages with respected and valued certifications at three levels of expertise in managing decision making.
  • Optimize implementation and utilize data effectively. Eliminate destructive biases that cause loses in achieving strategic goals.
  • Maximize revenue, time, outcomes, customer satisfaction, and loyalty retention.

Program Summary

Enroll in an individual course and experience immediate benefits! You can further distinguish yourself through certification at three stages of competency as a Fellow, Senior Fellow, and Master. Each course is tailored to meet your unique challenges and expectations in winning at making decisions.

Jumpstart your competitive advantage today! You deserve to make success happen. Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Immerse yourself in valuable unbiased decision-making strategies taught by master instructors.

Learn to recognize and control biases in yourself and others. Gain advantages in agreement settlements, data analytics, negotiations, crisis interventions, self-improvement, customer acquisition and satisfaction, consulting, sales retention, goal achievement, loss aversion, strategic implementation, organizational change and much more.

Program Benefits

Communicate Clearly and Effectively: Connect constructively, decisively, and accurately

Critique Information Overload: Utilize information and data analytics competently

Craft Workable Policies and Governance: Collaborate with readiness, authority, and respect

Elevate Decision Making Productivity: Consider carefully and decide decisively

Enable Ethical Behavior: Mentor reliably with authenticity, integrity, and professionalism

Extend Sales/Marketing Success: Beat competition; improve reach, profitability, and closures

Foster Shared Learning and Knowledge: Motivate with skill, preparation, and creativity

Guide Quality Improvement: Aptly apply self and professional goal attaining strategies

Implement Organizational Change: Facilitate “resistance free” strategy application

Lead Inclusion, Team Play, and Diversity: Spark outcomes bigger than self

Negotiate Crisis Intervention: Effectively manage behavioral constraints and disputes

Impact Innovation, Technology, and Research: Tangibly contribute skill, vision, and scale