The Institute of Cognitive Bias, Heuristics, and Human Behavior in Decision Making-ICBHDM©

The Institute is

  • The certificate and competency recognition provider once the student has successfully completed their chosen course of study through the Center and has received a letter memorializing this satisfactory completion from the Dean of the University of the Incarnate Word School of Professional Studies and The Center Course Director.
  • To be the world’s primary organization for monitoring, evaluating, recognizing, and awarding the proper levels of skill competency achieved by students in their course of study in the management of cognitive bias, heuristics, and human behavior in decision-making, strategic leadership, and organizational change.

The Institute provides

  • Four levels of recognition for student success.
  • Individual course certification in a career specific area of study is the initial level of achievement. 
  • Three stages of competency growth at the Fellow, Senior Fellow, and Master levels. Earned recognition at each of these stages is based on total Center courses successfully completed and passed competency exams delivered by the Institute.  
  • Oversight to re-certification and re-competency evaluations for students wishing to maintain their recognition status every two years.