Will these courses make me more competitive and successful?
We make thousands of decisions every day. It is an imperative in managing competition and success that we have comfort and trust in our decisions. Once as a student you have earned a certificate of satisfactory completion in a course you will have gained the knowledge and skill to win and lead at decision making.

Are skills applicable to real world situations?
While theory is critical to understand the basis of the hundreds of biases we face every day, the bulk of each course will focus on how the student can apply what is learned in real world challenges and circumstances. To this end each course will use material that is relevant to meeting application goals.

How do the courses offered here differ from courses taught at other Universities?
While some universities offer credit and non-credit courses that include elements of decision making careful review will show that the courses do not include the dynamic mix of theory and real world application necessary to make an immediate impact at today’s workplace. Add to this the elements of assigning badge competency with employers seeking that competency and the courses offered through The Center for Cognitive Bias, Heuristics, and Human Behavior in Decision Making (CCBDM) stand alone in terms of thoroughness, impact , and excellence.

Please tell me more about XenAneX™
Xenanex ™ is the only organization in the world certifying comprehensive un-biased decision making skills. Founded by Alan Xenakis, MD, ScD, MPH, MS, and Audra Renee-Smith Xenakis, DNP, RN, Xenanex™ maintains the Institute of Cognitive Bias and Decision Making. It assesses student competency in specialized areas at the Fellow, Senior Fellow, and Master’s Levels. The Institute includes a board of peer review professionals that oversee the setting of badge certification competency requirements and the awarding of badge designations.

Please tell me about DOCXMD, LLC
Founded by Alan Xenakis MD, ScD, MPH, MS and Audra Xenakis, RN, BSN, DNP DOCXMD, LLC are dedicated to communicate, educate, and train individuals and organizations in unbiased decision making. Both founders share experience as trusted expert university educators and mass/social media communicators. They are authors, hosts, teachers, story-tellers, researchers, trainers, and motivators. Their passion is to un-bias a world apart.

How valuable is a non-credit course?
Employers and universities recognize that non-credit programs are central to helping to create the highly-skilled workforce critical to success in our fast growing knowledge economy.

What does it mean to earn an individual course “Certificate of Satisfactory Completion”?
Once a student has completed a six week course with a course grade of 83 and a final exam grade of 83, or above, the Center Director and the UIW SPS Director of PACE will award the student a signed Certificate of Satisfactory Completion.

What are the costs of course materials?
The Center for Cognitive Bias, Heuristics, and Human Behavior in Decision Making (CCBDM) is conscious of educational costs and is dedicated to keep them low. The fees for all course materials that include valuable reading and workbook material, audio and video media vignettes, case studies, and interactive problem solving discussion material are included in your course tuition. Upon course registration, a student will receive instructions for e-course material access.

Will my employer pay for this course?
Given the demand for non-biased decision makers in the workforce our overwhelming past experience demonstrates that employers are open to pay for your course. The Center encourages you to reach out to your employer about the course you wish to take. A spokesperson from the Center is more than willing to speak with your employer regarding the benefits and skills learned in the course that would be meaningful to your organization.

How much time will each course take?
The average student will spend approximately 2-3 hours per week over the span of the six week course. Each course curricula is designed to create extensive applied skill opportunities.