CBDMCON 6003: Cognitive Bias and Applied Decision Making Strategies in CONSULTING

This Course is offered by: The Center for Cognitive Bias, Heuristics, and Human Behavior in Decision Making

Brief Description: Course identifies, explains, analyzes, evaluates, & manages cognitive bias/heuristic behaviors associated with retail, wholesale, & distribution, strategic planning, implementation, import/export trade, mergers & acquisitions, and auditing decision making

Catalogue Description: In this CBDMCON course specific comprehensive skills to recognize and manage cognitive bias, heuristics, ethical dilemmas, and human behavior involved in decision making related to management, distribution, strategic development, domestic and international trade, mergers and acquisitions and senior level consulting will be taught. You will gain targeted knowledge geared to avoid strategy planning and execution bias marred pitfalls with relevant course tools and skills. You’ll learn pillars of bias elimination involved in decision making from plan formulation through implementation by using applied analysis, identification, and feedback strategies. This course will cover bias affected “resistance” in management and consulting and persuasive methods to build and sustain recognized competitive advantage and team “buy-in” as critical elements of a bias free implementation strategy. At course’s completion you will have applied bias managing ability allowing you to think strategically, analyze the competitive environment, and recommend firm positioning, implementation, and value creation. You will clearly understand and appreciate underlying neuroscience theory, behavioral science, and leadership frameworks that provide the foundations for the execution of successfully nurtured management, distribution, and consulting business strategies and their implementation. With this knowledge you will have the expert tools necessary to provide valuable leadership and get your expertise used through auditing, start-up advising, organizational change, strategy implementation, crisis management, and globalization guidance of effective partnerships, acquisitions, and mergers.

 Roles: Consulting roles in Advertising, Auditing and Finance, Commodities, Design, Distribution, Education, Engineering, Healthcare, Marketing, Management, Media/Communications, Mergers and Acquisitions, Sales, Small Business Development, Sports, Strategy, Trade, Technology, Operations, Human Resources, Risk and Compliance