CBDMSER 6010: Cognitive Bias and Applied Decision Making Strategies in SERVICE DELIVERY

This Course is offered by: The Center for Cognitive Bias, Heuristics, and Human Behavior in Decision Making

Brief Description: Course identifies, explains, analyzes, evaluates, & manages cognitive bias/heuristic behaviors associated with entertainment, hospitality, professional service, utilities, transportation, trade service, real estate, insurance, wildlife and recreational service, gaming, sports mgmt., fast food and retail grocery industry decision making

Catalogue Description: In this CBDMSER course specific comprehensive skills to recognize and manage cognitive bias, heuristics, ethical dilemmas, and human behavior involved in decision making related to professional, vocational, utility, hospitality, and transportation services will be taught. The skills gained in this course will help you identify and apply principles of leading change and operations management without the deleterious impact of implicit bias in their implementation. You will learn to recognize and appreciate the role of leading change management and services for either organizations or consumers without compromised ethics or decision making shortcuts. The course will cover interrelationship biases affecting applied concepts and principles in operations management within and across functional service areas. You will learn how and why decisions made with return on investment as a primary goal are highly susceptible to bias.  You will be prepared to successfully identify and manage bias when dealing with customers, processes, and systems in today’s domestic and globally cultural diverse, crisis sensitive, and highly competitive service environment. At course’s completion your skills will include an insightful ability to exercise leadership in matching employee talent with responsibility, motivate without coercion, satisfy customers without deception, and deliver without exception coordinated processes, products, and services to end users who are either at arm’s length from you or any location you serve.  As a decision maker you will be able recognize, understand, and evaluate bias impact across supply chains, within hospitality settings, in fast food and grocery store encounters, and throughout a utility delivery to effectively manage the flow of materials, services, and information to satisfy customer demand. 

 Roles:  Transportation Service/Product Delivery Professional, Insurance Auditor/Broker, Utility Customer Service Professional, Utility Service Technician/Manager, Real Estate Broker/Manager, Restaurant/Hotel Hospitality Assistant Manager/Manager/General Manager, Restaurant/Hotel Hospitality Customer Service Professional, Trade Service Professional, Maintenance Professional, Retail Product Customer Service Professional, Grocery/Food Service Professional/Team Member