CBDMELD 6006: Cognitive Bias and Applied Decision Making Strategies in EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP

This Course is offered by: The Center for Cognitive Bias, Heuristics, and Human Behavior in Decision Making

Brief Description: Course identifies, explains, analyzes, evaluates, & manages cognitive bias/heuristic behaviors associated with core executive ethical decision making leadership skills.*Prerequisite course to earn eligibility for Fellow, Senior, Fellow, and Master Certifications

Catalogue Description: In this CORE CBDMELD course specific comprehensive skills to recognize and manage cognitive bias, heuristics, ethical dilemmas, and human behavior involved in decision making related to executive leadership will be taught. While this core course can stand alone it is a necessary requirement should you elect to earn Fellow, Senior Fellow, and Master certifications in cognitive bias, heuristics, and human behavior in decision making. The skills gained in this course will help prepare you to hold successful leadership roles in academia, business, entrepreneurial ventures, family firms, not for profits, military services, law enforcement, athletic coaching, and government roles. You will learn that ordinary can do extraordinary when being comfortable with uncomfortable and focusing on something bigger than yourself. The course will cover core leadership competencies impacted by bias including authenticity, integrity, ability to communicate, and dedication to unselfishly inspire. Neuroscience involved in ethical decision making will be presented in the context of leading in a culturally diverse world where compromise, negotiation, and non-coerced persuasion are game changers. At course’s completion you will have the skills to build effective teams for the purposes of making decisions and executing those decisions. You will recognize weaknesses and strengths in your and others leadership and decision-making processes, and gain insight into developing frameworks for constantly monitoring, evaluating, and improving upon decision making and negotiation skills. This is a must course for individuals aspiring to lead while recognizing and controlling the impact of their own unconscious (implicit) biases as well as the unconscious (implicit) biases of others.

Roles: Officer, management, elected, and ranking leadership roles in corporations, Institutions, grocery and food industry, banking, sports, distribution, energy, consulting firms, transportation, insurance, manufacturing, education, healthcare, maintenance, law enforcement, marketing, sales, advertising, communications, government, and military