CBDMHR 6009: Cognitive Bias and Applied Decision Making Strategies in HUMAN RESOURCES

This Course is offered by: The Center for Cognitive Bias, Heuristics, and Human Behavior in Decision Making

Brief Description: Course identifies, explains, analyzes, evaluates, & manages cognitive bias/heuristic behaviors associated with administration, compliance, applied ethics, employee assistance/relations, diversity, inclusivity, people analytics, recruitment, sustainability, workplace safety, and employment training decision making

 Catalogue Description: In this CBDMHR course specific comprehensive skills to recognize and manage cognitive bias, heuristics, ethical dilemmas, and human behavior involved in decision making related to human resources: employee assistance, recruitment, compliance, ethics, labor relations, inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, and crisis management will be taught. The skills gained in this course will provide an understanding to recognize, identify and assess the implications and challenges of bias associated with implementing diversity, inclusivity, safety, and sustainability in the workplace. You will learn how to pay particular attention to areas where bias, finance, and HR intersect (cost benefit analysis of HR initiatives, selection of financial measures to serve as bonus drivers, alternative models for valuing employee stock options, financial and accounting aspects of pensions and other post-retirement benefits). The course will cover the role of biases impacting decision making in human resource research design, leading organizational change, managing reward systems and global workforce flow, developing human capital and training, and balancing intuition with evidence based strategies. At course‚Äôs completion you will have the skills to properly frame a human resource decision situation, be an effective collective bargaining and organization negotiator, manage diversity and inclusivity with equity, implement compliance and crisis management with operational leadership, and guide workforce assistance, training, recruitment, and flow with productive stakeholder and team building strategies.

Roles: Benefits and Compensation Manager, Compliance Specialist and Manager, Crisis Management Director, Diversity Director, Inclusivity Director, Title IX Director, Human Resources Administrator/Manager/Director, Labor Relations Manager and Director, Recruitment Specialist and Manager, Sustainability Manager and Director, Training Manager and Director, People Analytics Manager, Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator/Manager/Director