The world gets better when each held bias is controlled or eliminated…

Enjoy the wisdom from others who have been trained to “Unbiasing a World Apart”TM

“….as a sales professional for a leading book manufacturer in the United States, I was involved in the creation, development and implementation of long-term contracts with many publishers and vendors who served our industry.  I found that “internal and external” biases played significant roles in how terms of some contracts were developed.  In some cases I may have had a sub-conscious bias toward the publisher due to the types of products (books) they published.  In some cases, the bias was a positive thing.  In others, negative.  Nonetheless, I was never really aware of the bias impact until now.  For this reason, I am anxious to begin classes in the cognitive-bias-heuristics and human-behavior program at UIW.  I look forward to becoming a better business partner with my customer’s and a more productive employee for my employer”…. Randall James, Publishing Executive