CBDMBUS 6001: Cognitive Bias and Applied Decision Making Strategies in BUSINESS

This Course is offered by: The Center for Cognitive Bias, Heuristics, and Human Behavior in Decision Making

Brief Description: Course identifies, explains, analyzes, evaluates, & manages cognitive bias/heuristic behaviors associated with accounting, asset/wealth planning, analytics, entrepreneurship, banking and behavioral finance decision making

Catalogue Description: In this CBDMBUS course specific comprehensive skills to recognize and manage cognitive bias, heuristics, ethical dilemmas, and human behavior involved in decision making related to business intelligence, entrepreneurship, behavioral finance, accounting, asset/wealth planning, data analytics, commercial and residential banking will be taught. This course will give you the framework and strong foundation for analyzing data and providing insight needed for smart decision-making without bias error. You will learn and understand how and why individual decisions often deviate from “optimal” business choices due to bias as well as the consequences of such deviations for consumers, managers, firms, and policy. This course covers how to develop stakeholder (consumers, associates, investors, vendors, and suppliers) “buy-in” and communicate unbiased data-driven strategies throughout your organization.  At course’s completion you will understand human behavior regarding business strategies and be able to demonstrate the value of bias free analytics in real-world contexts; you will be empowered to be an internal consultant using your knowledge of cognitive bias and behavioral economics and its impact on using data and technology to improve critical business processes such as productivity, organizational design, managing risks, systems oversight, investment strategies, groupthink avoidance, and applications of accounting ethical rigor.

Roles: Asset/Wealth Manager, Audit and Assurance, Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, Data and Operations Analyst, Investment Banker, Financial Controller, Loan Officer, Stock Broker, Strategic Planner